Was macht eigentlich… ?

Half a year ago I promised to let you know about my experiences becoming a freelancer. Not having written more than a few project announcements since then is actually a good thing, because it means I’m too busy to blog ;) Nevertheless: Here is an update of what I have been doing the last months and about what I plan to do for the rest of the year :)

After spending the first months completely involved in some iPhone projects and consulting and not doing anything web development related I decided to not take on new iPhone/iPad client projects. There are some reasons for that - first and foremost: Right now the web and mobile market are moving really fast and I just can’t (and don’t want to) find the time to stay up to date with both worlds (it’s appeasing that I’m not the only one who thinks like that :)) There is so much exciting stuff happening in the Rails, JavaScript and HTML5 realm that I don’t want to miss and I really missed working in teams, because most of the iPhone gigs were just me on the development side. Another point is that I don’t like the lock in way Apple seems to be pursuing, but this is more of a personal issue. I’d really like to get the personal impression from those of you who are also doing iOS development, maybe it’s just me but I talked to some people who seamed to have similar opinions.

So what happened after making this decision? Something that seems logical looking at it retrospectively: I joined the guys over at Railslove and worked with them on a World Cup prediction game (I’m sorry but I just don’t know how to translate “Tippspiel” - btw: why not join the Coworking Cup? Invitation token is “weworkunited”). We had a very productive time and lots of fun together so we concluded it might be a good idea to work on some more projects and this assumption did not fail to deliver. We are working on some pretty exciting projects and if you are interested in joining Railslove just contact them.

Okay, that’s the past and the present - what about the future? I don’t know, but if it turns out to be as exciting, informative and funny as the first six month it will be awesome! Two weeks ago I’ve been at the RailsWayCon (you might want to read Jan’s recap) and met a lot of the nice folks from the European Ruby/Rails Community. I’m also really looking forward for some more conferences and events this year, like RailsCamp, JSConf EU and RailsRumble to name a few - I hope we’ll see each other there!