Three Quick Wins for Responding to User Feedback

Giving users an easy way to submit feedback and talk to the developer about the app should be an essential part of almost every app out there. I am using HockeyApp’s feedback feature, which is not only easy to integrate, but also comes with a nice interface and makes leaving comments a seamless experience for the users.

Lately I have tried some things when responding to customer feedback and had good success with that, so I wanted to share my experience with you - so here are three tips for what you should try when answering your users feedback.

Ask for a review

You might not want to do that in case the user is not satisfied with your app and is contacting you about problems she or he is experiencing. But other than that this is a very good chance to get a user to leave a review on the App Store: Just be kind and ask them for a short, one or two sentence long review. Oftentimes the positive feedback you get is ready to be recycled as an App Store review, so provide the user with a quick link to access your apps store page and you will increase your review count in no time.

Point them to your mailinglist/social media outlets

Oftentimes when people ask for a feature that is already planned or I may be working on already, I propose they subscribe to the mailinglist or follow the apps twitter/ account. This assumes that you are using these outlets to frequently talk about upcoming versions, stuff that is in the making or share other information that might be useful for your users. As taking action is just one or two clicks away this converts pretty well and lets your users stay in the loop.

Use a footer/signature

Depending on the type of feedback or request I get, I sometimes use the opportunity to point to my personal website or other/similar projects. The success of this is not easy to measure unless the users might let you know afterwards that they found the information they were looking for. Nevertheless, having a signature containing one or two links at the end of an email is an unobtrusive hint that might spark interest.

Bonus tip: Be quick

Sometimes people are surprised to actually get an answer to their feedback (which happens more often than I expected). I do not only answer every request I get, but also try to do it as fast as I can. It is amazing to see how even disgruntled or angry users change their minds when they are taken care of as quickly as possible. A quick answer also sets a good ground for the other tips mentioned.

All these tips take into account that the people who contact you seem to care about your app: They are loyal (and hopefully satisfied) users that take the time to let you know what they think and want to help you improve your app. I have found that those users react very positively to these pointers and some are even thankful for you letting them know where they can find out more or follow your app more closely - and if that is the case: Congratulations, you are on the right track with what you are doing.

I hope you have similar success when experimenting with these tips - let me know what you think and how your users react.