masquerade - Rails-based OpenID Server

A few weeks ago I finally reached the point where I decided to release a project I’m working on as open source software. Ladies and gents, I proudly present: masquerade - an OpenID server based on Ruby on Rails.

Up to now it is pretty basic, but already handles stuff like managing various personas, trusting sites and defining release policies for your registration data. The project website contains some documentation and information on how to install your own instance of masquerade, so that you can provide some identity right away…

The UI could surely use some sexifying and I’ve already planned to extend the feature set to include things like Attribute Exchange and other improvements. That being said: If you want to join the project contact me, fork the repository on GitHub or submit some patches :)

For those of you being interested: The project is build heavily around the functionality of the ruby-openid gem and its origin is the server example that ships with the gem. I’ve written a module (OpenidServerSystem) which wraps some of the library specific logic and extends the controllers. The server controller (which is the endpoint for incoming OpenID requests) combined with this module provides the main functionality.