Masquerade now runs on Rails 3

During the last week I finished updating masquerade to Rails 3. It took me some time to do this, because currently I’m not using it in production myself and so I was kind of lacking the motivation to do this chore ;).

Nevertheless, now that this is done there are still some more functional things that would be great to have, like restricting signups or extracting the login logic, so that people could authenticate with an LDAP backend. For the latter there’s already a branch which I’ll update eventually and implement the functionality that I wrote and used for the project that accompanied my thesis.

There are also some other interesting things that could be accomplished, like turning the whole OpenID server into a Rails engine, so that it ain’t a standalone app no more, but can be integrated into other applications. It would be great if I could find some people that are interested in that, because at the moment I myself will not find the time to do that, but I’d be glad to provide help in improving masquerade even further.