GitHub app for iPhone and iPad

GitHub app for the iPhone Today a new project of mine has been released into the wild: iOctocat - a GitHub app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is open source and available on the App Store

Version 0.7.0 can already be downloaded, 0.8.1 is currently reviewed by Apple. Up to now these features are supported:

  • My Private News Feed
  • My Activity Feed
  • Profile View
  • My Repositories
  • Repository Details

Version 0.8.1 will also display a list of recent commits on a repository and the commit details. Things like user following and repository watching are in the backlog, some of them require the new GitHub API to implement support therefor first (like the repository watchlist).


The app is universal now, which means it also works on the iPad. It is full retina and iPhone 5 ready and the most sold GitHub iOS app out there. The feature set has grown and the app supports most of the features offered by the GitHub API.