Going solo

A few months ago, after the birth of our daugther (yeah, Lotta!) and during my parental leave, thoughts arose about realizing an idea I’ve carried around with me since I finished my studies: Going solo, working on my own projects and earning a living as a freelance software developer. A few weeks ago I realized that plan and decided to quit my current job at neuland, though it wasn’t an easy decision: working for neuland has always been fun, especially because of the nice environment and the multitude of different personalities of the people working there - some of which are now close friends of mine. Nevertheless I felt that deep urge of doing something on my own and having sold venteria in summer makes taking the plunge a little less risky.

Alright, so where am I heading? A new focus will be iPhone/Cocoa app development and I’ll keep on working with Ruby on Rails - I’m really looking forward to all the great enhancements planned for Rails 3.0 and I just love doing web development, so that I won’t burn all the bridges ;)

The bootstrapping went pretty well so far, I joined a really nice coworking environment and got an office at the infamous Abfertigung. As far as I can tell I’ll be surrounded by a bunch of very nice, creative and innovative people. Furthermore it’s good to know that I can, but don’t have to work from home - that makes meeting clients and finding quiet hours to get work done (I’m lookin’ atcha, Lotta) a lot easier ;)

Hopefully I’ll find the time during the next weeks to write about some of the aspects of becoming a freelancer as I know some of you are interested in that and I’d like to take you along on that journey. I think it will be a pretty interesting time and I’ll learn tons about myself, meet nice and interesting people (including clients ;)) and most important of all: still have the time to enjoy my family‚Ķ we shall see :)