iOctocat v2 is here

It puts GitHub on your iPhone

Woohoo, today is shipping day! I’m very proud to announce that version 2 of iOctocat - GitHub for iPhone is now available on the App Store :)

The app started out four years ago and has seen major enhancements during the past year: The versions 1.7 and 1.8 brought a lot of improvements (new menu, multiple accounts and GitHub Enterprise support) and even big features like push notifications. Over the past months I’ve been working diligently on the app, added tons of features and improved the overall performance. Today is the day all that goodness ships and you can tell I’m really satisfied with what it looks like by the way I’m talking about it ;)

What’s new

People have sent very nice feedback over the past months, asking for features and enhancements that I now found the time for to implement. These are some of my favorites from the new release:

  • Markdown rendering in issues and comments
  • Support for emojis (including autocompletion)
  • Links in event items instead of buttons
  • Pagination for lists

Many users have asked for better issues integration. This has been on my internal list for a long time and now it is finally available. Here are the major issues additons that will help you to better manage your workflow on the go:

  • Issue search and filtering
  • Manage labels, milestones, and assignees for issues and pull requests
  • Drafts for issues, milestones and comments
  • Copy, edit and delete comments
  • Display issue/pull request events (i.e. closed, merged) alongside comments

In addition to that there are also some new niceties that have been missing before:

  • Search with options for sorting and language
  • Fullscreen in file- and webview
  • Fork a repository
  • Performance improvements for table views with cells with dynamic height
  • Massive improvements for viewing files in commits and pull requests

What’s next

I laid out my plans for the next versions in detail in a previous blog post, here is the TL;DR for the upcoming months:

  • v2.0.1 - Bugfixes (as there definitely will be rough edges I’ve overseen)
  • v2.1.0 - All about iOS 7 (and it will require the new OS version)
  • v2.1.x - New features like commenting on lines of pull request diffs and repository discovery functions via the new GitHub search API (much asked for)
  • v2.2.0 - iPad UI: Separate app with a new UI for the iPad

That’s it

Head over to the App Store and get iOctocat v2 now. If you find the time, please write a review and tell your friends, that helps a lot! And in case you got feedback: Just let me know, I’m here to listen and willing to improve the upcoming versions responding to your needs!