Capybara Finder for Cucumber Rails' Deprecated Tableish

The cucumber-rails gem recently deprecated the tableish method which could be used to verify data in tables using Table#diff!. Tableish was easy to use but also had some limitations so that from now on you are advised to use Capybara’s finder API which is much more flexible.

In case you are now searching for a replacement for tableish, look no further:

rows = find("table#selector").all('tr')
table = { |r| r.all('th,td').map { |c| c.text.strip } }

This maps the table into a two dimensional array containing all cell contents. The last line diffs this array against the expected_table which is the table that’s passed into the step definition like explained on this Cucumber wiki page.

You’ll have to replace table#selector with the actual table selector you are looking for.

When using capybara-webkit for testing elements that get inserted into the page via JavaScript I had to change this a little bit, because the finder did not seem to work with capybara-webkit. One can circumvent this by parsing the page body and using the finder on the new result:

html =
rows = html.find("table#selector").all('tr')
table = { |r| r.all('th,td').map { |c| c.text.strip } }
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